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VOLVO Locking Wheel Nuts - Registered After > 2009 - IMPORTANT

Volvo vehicles typically from 2009/2010> onwards have wheel nut sets fitted that do not have replacement locking wheel nut keys availble. However, please read-on as even vehicles prior to these Years may still have the wheel nuts fitted as an aftermarket product. IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF THE PARTICULAR STYLE OF VOLVO WHEEL NUTS FITTED TO YOUR VEHICLE, PLEASE FORWARD AN IMAGE OF THE LOCKING NUT ON YOUR ALLOY WHEEL AND WE SHALL CHECK THIS FOR YOU F.O.C Please see the photo images below:- If your Volvo is fitted with the type of wheel nut (round cap with a security skirt at the base of the nut that the wheel nut key engages itno) as shown in the 1st image. Unfortunately, there are no replacement locking wheel nut keys available. In this instance, you are advised to contact your 'Volvo Main Dealer' they should have a Master Locking Wheel Nut Key Set and should be able to remove the locking wheel nuts for you. If however, your vehicle is fitted with wheel nuts similar to the style in the 2nd image (essentially a flower style pattern on the face of the nut). We can supply you with a replacement wheel nut key. Please place your order. If you are in any doubt, please call us for further advice. *** Please note if you place an order and your vehicle is fitted with the first style of locking wheel nuts shown above in the first image (where the locking nut security skirt is around the base of the nut) we shall have to cancel your order and refund your monies less a £2.99 admin charge to cover costs incurred by us in processing your refund; this includes the credit/debit or PayPal Fee's incurred as these are non-refundable by the merchant.

NISSAN Wrench Size/Hex Measurment Guide

Hex/wrench measurement of the standard hexagonal bolts (not the locking nut) - if the car came with a wheel wrench (that fits the standard hexagonal bolts) please confirm the wrench measurement e.g. 17, 19 or 21 mm. This is normally stamped on the side of the wrench. If you don't know the size, please measure the opening of the wrench from internal flat-side-to-flat in mm's. If you do not have a wrench - please measure one of the standard hexagonal bolts from external flat-side-to-flat-side in mm's. Alternatively, if you access to a socket set; simply place a variety of sockets over one of the standard hexagonal bolts to determine the size Please ensure the measurement if taken from the Hexagonal bolt - is take from flat-side-to-flat-side and not Point-to-Point. If unsure, please ask for guidance by emailing us at Wrench Measurement Guide

AFTERMARKET Locking Wheel Nuts. IMPORTANT Please Read Before Ordering.

IMPORTANT: THIS APPLIES TO ALL AFTERMARKET WHEEL NUT ORDERS PLEASE DO NOT ORDER UNTIL YOU HAVE FORWARDED AN IMAGE TO US OF YOUR SECURITY WHEEL NUT/BOLT (located on your wheel) prior to making your 'aftermarket' locking wheel nut order. Not all 'Aftermarket' locking wheel nut products have replacement locking wheel nuts available. Please take the image close-up and straight-on, simply with a mobile phone and forward to Please provide the Make/Model and Year of Vehicle within the email content and a contact name and telephone number. We shall review the image and come back to you ASAP. We shall confirm if there are replacement locking wheel nuts available and if so give you the 'go-ahead' to place your order. If you make an order prior to emailing us your image for review and we cannot supply the locking wheel nut there will be a minimal handling charge payable £2.99 to cover our admin costs and the cost accrued in Debit/Credit card or PayPal Fee's which are non-refundable from the merchant.

Acceptable forms of 'Vehicle Ownership/Keeper' and 'ID' - "Why do I have to provide proof of 'vehicle ownership' and 'ID' confirmation".

We want to ensure that we protect your security and that of your vehicle's wheels; by asking for this information we can be sure that we're providing the actual genuine owner/keeper of the vehicle with the locking wheel nut. Please provide proof of 'Vehicle Ownership' in the form of ONE of the following:- V5/Log Book Page 1 or 2 V52C Green Slip (New Keepers Supplement) Vehicle Finance Agreement Vehicle Lease Agreement Vehicle Sales Contract Motor Insurance Certificate Or Overseas Equivalent 'Proof of Ownership' Official Recent Service Receipt or Invoice Please enquire if you have 'Alternative Proof of Ownership'. So that we can advise. Please provide 'Proof of ID' in the form of ONE of the following:- Drivers Licence Photo-Card Drivers Licence Paper-Part (Old-Style) Passport Business Card Employee Card/Contract Card Bus Pass (if photo-card) Please enquire if you have 'Alternative Proof of ID'.

Ordering via Security Key Codes/Julian Codes Alone - Please Read

If you wish to place your wheel nut key order by providing us with the Wheel Nut Security or Julian Code. You can also supply us with a supplementary 'security wheel nut' image (the security nut is located on the alloy wheel) so that we can cross reference the wheel nut security/Julian code with the actual security wheel nuts on the vehicle. If you supply us with this code, it is not necessary to supply further Proofs/ID. It is your perogative whether you wish to supply us with the security wheel nut image. However, please note if the wheel nut security/julian code turns out to be incorrect (and doesn't match the actual locking wheel nuts on the vehicle) we are not responsible for a replacement locking wheel nut or refund. In this case, you will have been supplied with the llocking wheel nut that apertains to the security/julian code provided by you on your order. The wheel nut security/julian code may differ to the actual security wheel nuts on the vehicle for a variety of reasons - examples of such are given below:- 1) The security wheel nuts have been changed at some point and the security code/julian code therefore apertains to the previous set. 2) The key code card has been placed in the wrong vehicle at the dealership during its pdi 3) The key code card has been placed in the wrong vehicle when the vehicle is being serviced 4) The key code has been written down incorrectly or mis-read We do not charge a fee to cross-reference the wheel nut security/julian key code once your order has been placed. By doing this we can be sure to supply you with the correct locking wheel nut even if your key code is incorrect.

If You Can't Supply My Locking Wheel Nut, Will I Receive a Refund.

Yes, if you have placed your order and your vehicle is fitted with the original security nuts and we cannot supply the locking wheel nut to fit. You will receive a full refund. However, if you have placed an order for an 'Aftermarket' locking wheel nut, without firstly emailing us an image of one of the security nuts to check, there will be a £2.99 handling charge applied to the refund. This is becuase not all 'aftermarket' locking wheel nuts are available and there are charges incurred by us in processing refunds (the Debit/Credit card fee or PayPal fee is non-refundable from the Merchant).

Delivery Timescales

Please note orders are despatched Working day and not despatched or delivered on Bank or Public Holidays (UK and International). Approximate delivery timescales Mainland UK Bronze - Standard Processing/Delivery
Approx. 5-8 Working from despatch Silver - Express Order Processing/Delivery
Approx. 3-5 Working days from despatch Gold - Express Order Processing/Delivery
Approx. 1-2 Working days from despatch URGENT ORDERS; If you require the locking wheel nut urgently. Please contact us firstly to confirm the make/model and year of vehicle. We can then advise on anticipated delivery timescales. Delivery timescales on all Replacement Locking Wheel Nuts are approximate only and therefore should not be relied upon. Most locking wheel nuts are manufactured from outside the UK, we're therefore reliant on external postal services for which we have no control. We endeavor to deliver all Replacement Locking Wheel Nut's as fast as possible. Please see below for approximate timescales on delivery for each order - This list is not exhaustive if you require an accurate timescale please contact us for further information. Any delivery time or date given by the Company is an estimate only and not a term of the Contract. The Company shall not be liable for any loss of damage in respect of any delay in delivery howsoever arising. If at the time of order the Goods are not immediately available for delivery the Company shall deliver the Goods when they become available, unless otherwise requested in writing by the Customer at the time of order. 'Coronavirus' Delivery Timescales may be affected during this period. Delivery Timescales may be affected duringon the approach to and during the National/International Holidays due to extra pressures placed on the various postal services both within the UK and Overseas.

Can I Return My Locking Wheel Nut, If I Change My Mind or No Longer Need It.

All Replacement Locking Wheel Nut's are classified as custom-made (tailor-made) to order and as such they do not fall within the standard (DSR) Distance Selling Regulations scope. Therefore, all Replacement Locking Wheel Nut's that have been either processed or despatched cannot be returned within 14 days; simply because you no longer require the item or have changed you mind. However, if we have received an order that is subsequently cancelled by you before we have processed or despatched the locking wheel nut, there will be a £4.99 'Handling Charge' to cover costs already incurred by us in administration and processing charges. In these instances, once agreed by us (Locking Wheel Nut.Shop) in writing we shall at the managements discretion cancel your order and refund your monies in full less the handling charge quoted above. Please note all orders that have already been 'processed' or 'despatched' cannot be cancelled. In the unlikely event that your Locking Wheel Nut is found to be incorrect, we shall replace this item for you 'free of charge' using the same delivery method chosen on the original order. Please ensure that you do not use the incorrect wheel nut key as we will not be able to accept its return.

Can You Supply a Locking Wheel Nut If I Dont' Know the Wheel Nut Security Code - Yes

Yes, we can supply a replacement locking wheel nut simply from a clear digital photo of your locking wheel nut/bolt on the wheel - We don't need your security code.

What Do I Do If My Locking Wheel Nut Has Arrived But Is Incorrect?

On receipt of your locking wheel nut; please gently apply the locking wheel nut to the security nut/bolt on the wheel. It is important to check engagement and that the locking wheel nut fits before any pressure or the wheel nut wrench is applied. In rare instances, a picking error can result in an incorrect locking wheel nut being supplied. In the unlikely event that your locking wheel nut is incorrect, we shall endeavour to rectify this ASAP. In this instance, we ask that you do not attempt to use the locking wheel nut as this may damage the nut itself. Please contact us in the first instance, so that we can rectify this for you. We shall ask for photos of the actual locking wheel nut nut provided; this is best taken with a mobile phone with the internal pattern clearly visible. Please also provide further details such as whether the internal security pattern is correct and whther the sleeve of the key is too large or too small. The more information you can provide will be helpful in rectifying any issue. The locking wheel nut supplied should be a perfect fit, so long as your locking wheel nuts have not been impaired from a previous unsucessful attempt at removal. It is therefore imperative that you do not attempt to use the incorrect locking wheel nut as this will impair the security lock pattern in the nut. We shall require the incorrect locking wheel nut to be returned to us in its original intact condition. Should you receive an incorrect locking wheel nut, please inform us within 48 hours by email to the following email address; quoting your order number. Please contain as much detail as possible as to why you believe the locking wheel nut is incorrect. Please do not attempt to use the locking wheel nut as we cannot accept returned items that have been used or damaged.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Your privacy is very important to us; to that end we do not collect or share any information about you or your transaction other than for the purpose of supplying you with a locking wheel nut key and for security purposes whilst checking proof of ownership and ID. How we use your information We may use any information you give us about yourself and others to: • Manage your order • Carry out regulatory checks to meet our legal obligations • Prevent and detect crime • Keep you up to date with information about your order • We will not reveal any personal details or details concerning your order to anyone other than those parties involved in processing your order, unless: • You ask us to reveal the information, or we have your permission to do so • We are required or permitted to do so by law • It is required by law enforcement or fraud prevention • When you make an order with us, you confirm that you and anyone else required in connection with the order, are aware that you and their ‘proof of keeper’ details and if necessary ‘identity’ details will be checked via the documentation forwarded to us. When you make an order we may also request further documentary evidence of ‘proof of keeper’, ‘identity’ and ‘address’ details if necessary. If we don’t receive your documents, we will not be able to process your order. We may also request documentary evidence directly from any other person in connection with the order. • Where we can’t accept your order in these circumstances, we will cancel it and refund the money to you less the £4.99 admin charge. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties not connected with processing your order. We are registered with Data Protection.

Payment Options

You can make a secure payment online via Debit/Credit Card or PayPal. You can also call the order line 0161 731 0178 to make payment via card.

How Should I Take the Image of the Security Nut/Bolt

imply use a Mobile Phone to take a clear image of your security wheel nut/bolt (on the wheel) - The image below shows a good example of a clear photo of a security wheel nut/bolt (the photo examples have been cropped although this is not necessary - it's important to take the photo square-on/face-on with the nut so that we can see all the detail. Please make sure that the photo is taken in normal/actual size - if your mobile phone tries to reduce the image change this to normal or actual size. Again, when attaching the image to the email please send as normal/actual size. If you're having issues sending multiple images, you can always send the images separately so long as you detail this on the email e.g. 1 of 3 etc. Security nut example

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Statement

We are open for Business and accepting and processing orders as normal. However, please note all locking wheel nut's are ‘Special Order’ items. We provide Genuine 'OE' parts and as such the majority of Vehicle Manufacturer's stock originates from Europe. In view of the current Global issue, you are advised to place your order as soon as possible, as we cannot guarantee stock availability in the near future as movement of Goods and People are restricted. So far, we have not experienced any issues with delivery estimations. However, delivery timescales are approximate and are given in good faith. Please email if you require further details on delivery estimations so that we can advise you accordingly.

'Step by Step Guide' to Ordering Your Locking Wheel Nut - 3 Step Process.

STEP 1 Buy Your Locking Wheel Nut - Go to the Shop Page or Click on the Shop Logo below. Buy Locking Wheel Nut STEP 2 Take an Image of your Security Nut on the Alloy Wheel with your Mobile Phone Example of Security Wheel Nut or Bolt The first image above shows an alloy with an arrow pointing at a security nut. Your Security Nut won't necessarily look like this, as there are thousands of different styles. Take the Image Close-Up and Face-on (like the 2nd Image). If you're unsure which one to take, email a broad view of the whole wheel and we will point you in the right direction.

Close-up example of Security nut/Bolt

If you are Supplying a Security Key Code you will be prompted to add this when you place your order. In these cases, we do not require the following proofs or ID. We would still like an image of the security nut as above if possible. So that we can cross-reference that this matches the wheel locks fitted.

If you are NOT supplying a security key code, please provide the following:-


Please provide proof of 'Vehicle Ownership/Keeper' in the form of ONE of the following:- V5/Log Book Page 1 or 2 V52C Green Slip (New Keepers Supplement) Vehicle Finance Agreement Vehicle Lease Agreement Vehicle Sales Contract Motor Insurance Certificate Or Overseas Equivalent 'Proof of Ownership' Official Recent Service Receipt or Invoice Please enquire if you have 'Alternative Proof of Ownership'. So that we can advise. Please provide 'Proof of ID' in the form of ONE of the following:- Drivers Licence Photo-Card Drivers Licence Paper-Part (Old-Style) Passport Business Card Employee Card/Contract Card Bus Pass (or similar) Please enquire if you have 'Alternative Proof of ID'. Email Your Images to Quoting The Order Number Given at Checkout Proof of Keeper/ID example image